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Welcome to Talks with the Feminine with Annie Tayleur.
This podcast explores many ages, stages and facets of the feminine journey.
Through honest sharing of opinions, stories and experiences, I hope to help to normalise the feminine experience and what it means to identify as a girl or a woman today.
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Talking Business and Feminine Frequencies with Carlie Maree

Get excited! This week on TWTF I speak to the amazing Carlie Maree who shares her story and her wisdom on being successful as a feminine-core being in business. Carlie breaks apart some big misconceptions around finding success and happiness and discusses her incredible best-selling book, Soul Modes. Get ready for some wow moments. 



Meet The Host

Annie Tayleur

Annie Tayleur

Annie is a teacher, birth & women’s worker, childbirth educator and psychology student as well as being a mum to three little people.

Her in-depth interest in women’s stories- their lives, challenges,¬†passions and wellbeing eventually grew to create this podcast.

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Talks with the Feminine

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A Podcast sharing stories, insight and exploring what it means to identify as a woman today.