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Launched 2019

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it.”

-Brene Brown

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MamaUp Series: Anna Cusack; Caring for Mothers

An interview with the wonderful Anna Cusack: Author, Podcaster, Blogger and Motherhood Revolutionist. We chat Anna’s personal motherhood experience, her journey to conceiving and her wealth of knowledge in caring for mothers and assisting them in planning an empowering postnatal period. Anna and I explore the way in which rethinking how we view mothers and providing them with rich support structures can positively impact our whole society.

Find Anna, the ‘Motherhood Made Magic’ Podcast and preorder her new book, ‘Mama, You’re not Broken’ at:

MamaUp Series: I’m Still Healing

2020 was rough. It hit many of us like a truck actually. And while the year itself is well over and we are trying to move on- there’s still hurting and healing taking place. In this episode, I share my 2020, including my baby’s birth and my family’s big move and what all of it means for me now. I also discuss how we are all coping since getting hit by that aforementioned truck and what we might need to do to get back on track.

MamaUp Series: How’d You Get to 3 So Fast?

This is the ep where I talk extensively about the decision making involved in having my 3 babies. I also break down the impact having 3 has made on my relationship with my partner and answer the FAQ- will there ever be a fourth?


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